Miyamoto Had “Barrel Roll” Name in Star Fox Because of Donkey Kong

The memorable “Do a barrel roll!” as said by Peppy Hare to Fox McCloud has become quite well-known, even if you have never played Star Fox 64. However, Game Theory discovered the actual name for the move was “aileron roll” instead of “barrel roll.”  In a recent interview, Matthew Patrick of Gamer Theory interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto and asked him about the mistranslation.


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Shigeru Miyamoto confided that the team knew the term was inaccurate, and in Japanese, the move is only called “roll.” When the North American team was localizing the game, they changed the dialogue to “barrel roll” in error. But Miyamoto was so delighted by the name because of how the term reminded him on Donkey Kong that he decided to keep the name. The full interview, also with Bill Trinen doing excellent translation, is below:

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