No Man’s Sky: Many Alien Species, Each with Own Language

In a recent interview with Playstation Blog on the Playstation BlogcastNo Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray of Hello Games, revealed the space exploration indie game hosts multiple alien species, each with a distinct alien language that you can learn to fully understand the aliens on your adventures. Learning bits of a language can be done by finding tablets or speaking to the aliens themselves.

But Sean Murray noted this will take quite some time, as each species has their own language. “I think most players will never become fluent, unless it’s specifically something they’re seeking out,” Murray explained. The usefulness of this is found in “trading, or asking for technology, or sharing crafting recipes.” He noted that understanding the language would not require understanding grammar, but is more focused on a substitution of vocabulary to denote meaning.


Understanding what a particular race is devoted towards may be helpful in your own goals in exploring the vast universe. “The nice thing about it is that the NPCs are divided up into different races. So one race is perhaps more focused on exploration and science, and knowing that helps you decide how to best interact with them,” stated Murray. “If you’re playing the game for exploration’s sake, you might want to focus on that race. But if you’re playing the game and all you want to do is kill things, there are more military-based races, so you might want to try and become friends with them.”

No Man’s Sky releases on June 21, 2016 in the United States for PC and PS4.

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