Screenshots and Details of Zero Time Dilemma Revealed

Spike Chunsoft’s Zero Escape trilogy comes to a close with Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, a game releasing for 3Ds and Playstation Vita and boast dual audio for English and Japanese. Famitsu released these screenshots (captured on the Vita version) as well as a preivew of the game.

In a quote from Gematsu:

“The game’s story sees nine men and women locked up in an underground nuclear shelter with the goal of escaping. The nine characters are split up into three teams of three, in three separate sections of the shelter. To return to the outside and above ground, six passwords are required, but a password each time a person dies. In other words, escape is impossible unless at least six people die. Who will be sacrificed? Or is there another way. That choice is up to the player.”

As a person who loves the Zero Escape series, I am really sad to see this trilogy come to an end soon. What are your thoughts?

The screenshots are below (click to enlarge image):

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First look at Zero Time Dilemma



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