New Images and Video for Pokémon Go

Via The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon Go site, more details have been revealed about the upcoming augmented reality game for iOS and Android.

In the game, players will travel in the real-world with their smartphones to find Pokémon at monuments, markers, tourist attractions, or buildings designated as PokéStops. When a Pokémon is near the player, his or her smartphone will vibrate. By tapping the touchscreen, the player will throw a Poké Ball to capture the pocket monster.  Pokémon Eggs can also be found at Pokéstops. Players can evolve a Pokémon by obtaining the same one multiple times. Interacting with and capturing different types of Pokémon – found by going to differing types of areas – nets players experience and allows the player to level up and have a chance to catch rarer Pokémon and gain access to stronger items to help complete your Pokédex.

Later on in the game, players can join with one of three factions to take on Gyms, located at places of interest around the world. Members of a team will work together to claim ownership of all Gyms; they do this by either placing one of their Pokémon in the location or defeating a Pokémon that is currently there.

Take a look below for unconfirmed footage of Pokémon Go:

You can go to the official website here.

Pokémon Go is set for release worldwide later this year for iOS and Android in 2016.

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